> Nerd Nite Boston 10 Year Anniversary Party & Winter Soul-stice!

Nerd Nite Boston 10 Year Anniversary Party & Winter Soul-stice!


Tuesday | 12/10/13 | OBERON | 2 Arrow Street | Harvard Square, Cambridge | 8PM | $10

Ladies, gentlemen, nerds. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nerd Nite in Boston. The last 10 times the earth has gone around the sun, some of the apes that think they’re in charge of the planet have gathered monthly to drink beer and talk about science, art, history, language, film, books, engineering, and whatever else they want. Some other apes in other cities thought this was a good idea and now Nerd Nite is a global phenomenon.

But it started here! And so, we celebrate that beginning.


A minimum of two fantastic presentations, one from Canada’s Greatest Know It All and nerd nite fixture, Andrew Rader. Don’t miss his talk on the technology of Star Trek, how we’re already living in the future, and how we’re not.

Nerd Nite founder Chris Balakrishnan returns to Boston to give the talk that started it all: Brood parasitism in indigo birds!!!

We’re experimenting with lots of fun stuff this year, so prepared to be surprised. Or don’t. Surprises work better that way. 😉


Spirited all-vinyl DJ sets from Claude Money of Soulelujah and Athena Moore of Cool Kids Club!


Bring a nerdy gift of less than $25 that you don’t mind walking home with at the end of the night and walk home with a different yet equally nerdy gift.


Your festive best.


Click here to purchase tickets in advance.

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