> Nerd Nite 10/28/13 !!!

Nerd Nite 10/28/13 !!!

Something nerdy this way comes…

Talk 1: “Why Your PCP Should Have a DMD” by Alexandra Bassett, Tufts D’14

Perfect teeth have been a sign of wealth and poverty and a cherished aspect of attractiveness for thousands of years. Yet few understand oral health disease and its effects, quickly regarding the dental visit as a chore instead of an educational adventure! The dentist, more than ever, has the unique potential to develop healthy habits in our nation’s population: No other doctor sees a patient as often or has the kind of intimate information about a person’s health that teeth can give. There is an inherent mystery behind that strange orifice of your mouth, a expressive vessel – literally and figuratively – of your eating habits, stress level, genetic origins, and even your identity itself. Alexandra Bassett, 2014 DMD candidate and current Albert Schweitzer Fellow, will discuss several common dental questions – ones, judging by the fact that she gets them at almost every cocktail party, you are all dying to know.

Talk 2: “Nobody knows best.” by Clara Vandeweerdt

Why do we keep buying clothes that looked awesome in the store, but that we never wear again after that one cocktail party? Why did you keep asking your mom for a goldfish when you were seven, but decided that Bubbles was boring only two weeks after she finally gave in? And why is it that, whenever you talk to somebody who didn’t get a job they wanted, they always say it ‘turned out for the best’? It looks as if people are pretty terrible at predicting how they will feel about something in the future. Time to find out why.

Clara Vandeweerdt is an experimental psychologist-turned-student of international relations. At KU Leuven University in Belgium, she researched human judgment and decision making. Now, she is enrolled at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

You know the deal, Nerds. Two talks, interesting discussion, funky tunes provided by DJ Claude Money. Doors at 8PM, 5 Doll-hairs. We’re just coming off of our super successful speed dating event. Tim’s voice is almost back! Gear up for your Halloween bacchanalia by learning about enjoyment. And learn about dentistry right before you start eating way too much candy.

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