> Nerdnite lineup July 27: Naughty bits and advertising

Nerdnite lineup July 27: Naughty bits and advertising

Hello Nerdnite fans,

The next Nerdnite is coming up on Monday, July 27.  We are very excited to be having a special Cambridge edition at the Middlesex lounge in Central Square.  In addition to the talks we’re featuring a special appearance by friend-o’-Nerdnite band I Have Ears.  And possibly a few other surprises. It’s gonna be a fun night, so without further delay I’ll give you the lineup:

July 27 Nerdnite – Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Talk 1: What’s up with my down there? A quickie on women’s health.
Sarah Kleinman

Sarah is a nurse midwife who provides GYN, pregnancy and postpartum care to women in Quincy Mass and delivers babies at the brigham and women’s hospital.  Although she spends many of her weekly hours at the clinic and the hospital she has strong passion for writing and movie making and all things that pull together science and art.  She is a scorpio and loves thunderstorms and at age 8, after seeing the movie Dirty Dancing, was overheard saying: “Goodbye David Hasslehoff, hello Patrick Swayze.”

Talk 2:
The Cognitive Science of SuperBowl Commercials, or  Why Can’t I Remember the Name of That Ad?
Lisa Haverty

Lisa is a cognitive scientist at Brain on Brand.  Her Ph.D. is in psychology, but her first academic love was mathematics.  Lisa worked for a few years in advertising after leaving academia, and when she’s not spouting expertise on how consumers process advertising, you might see her zipping by on her Vespa or out Lindy hopping.

Featured band: I Have Ears

Be there and be square!
Monday July 27, 2009
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

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