> Nerdnite Boston on Facebook — and July 27 Nerdnite

Nerdnite Boston on Facebook — and July 27 Nerdnite

Hello Nerdnite fans,
We got off our lazy butts and finally made the Nerdnite Boston page on
Facebook up to date.  Now we’re trying to get folks to join the group
so it will be useful and fun!  If you’re not a Facebook user, you can
still see the page.  But if you happen to be a user of this fine
medium of communication, we hope you’ll join up.  Follow this link to
join the group:


By joining the group you can get ever-so-fast updates on our events,
network with other nerds, all the usual Facebook stuff.

Also the next Nerdnite is July 27 — check out the front page for details.

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