> Nerd Nite 8/26/13 !!!

Nerd Nite 8/26/13 !!!

The last Nerd Nite of the summer will bring us talks about how a supreme, all powerful autocrat could save the world, and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about DUI laws but were afraid to ask. Be there and be square! DJ Claude Money will rule the turntables with an iron fist and the good folks at the Middlesex will make sure your BAC is at the level of your choosing.

Talk 1: “I Got Your BAC” by Shane O’Sullivan

Each month, roughly 1,800 people are prosecuted in Massachusetts for the crime of drunk driving, or as it’s referred to in courtrooms, “operating under the influence (OUI).” In this talk, the crime will be dissected, from how likely one is to be acquitted, where the most convictions in the Commonwealth occur, the types of evidence presented at OUI trials, the anatomy of a traffic stop and a driver’s rights in such a situation, as well as the overall effect the crime has on our roadways. This really will be one of the only times you will actually want to hear a lawyer open his mouth while you’re enjoying a drink with friends.

Shane T. O’Sullivan is an attorney from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Talk 2: “Come to the Dark Side: Save the Environment and Solve the Energy Crisis by Giving Us Total Control” by Helen Aki and Jared Carpenter

Using the Emperor and Darth Vader as metaphorical vehicles, this presentation will explain how the solution to insidious problems such as climate change, pollution, rising energy costs, and dependence on fossil fuels could be solved by turning everything over to a demand response program run by an all-powerful (but, ideally, incorruptible) authority. Highlights include: Star Wars references, an explanation of how electricity works that makes more sense than your high school physics class, a working replica of a city and its energy infrastructure controlled via cell phone internet signals, and possible total destruction of said city replica using lasers/flamethrowers/brute force/whatever security at Middlesex will reasonably allow.

Middlesex Lounge | 26 August 2013 | 8PM | $5 | Be there and be square!

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