> Science Author Salon with Robin Rosenberg!

Science Author Salon with Robin Rosenberg!


Superhero fans abound, from the halls of Comic Con and summer blockbusters at the multiplex, to best-selling graphic novels at sacred neighborhood comic book stores. The superhero has emerged as an integral part of our culture and their stories a metaphor for discussing current real world issues and central cultural concerns. Join author Robin Rosenberg as she illuminates how these icons of pop-culture and their stories illustrate various psychological phenomena. She’ll share how these analyses open doors into more general psychological themes, have led to effective ways to convey life lessons, and shed much light on the ethos of the American people.

  • Enjoy a tasting of super brews from a specially curated list of craft beers.
  • Select from menu items appreciated by mutants, aliens, armor-clad super-geniuses, thunder gods, and super-soldiers alike.
  • Use superior powers of conversation to socialize with some alter egos.
  • Snag a signed copy of What is a Superhero.

What is a superhero

Who: Nerd Nite Boston, Museum of Science, and Social Wines

What: Science Author Salon with with Robin Rosenberg, PhD, ABPP, clinical psychologist; contributor, Psychology Today and Huffington Post; author of  The Psychology of Superheroes and Superhero Origins: What Makes Superheroes Tick and Why We Care

Where: Trident Cafe | 338 Newbury Street | Boston | $13

When: Thursday, July 25 @ 6PM

Why: Because you love superheroes and drinking beer!

Buy tickets here.

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