> Nerd Nite 4/29/13 !!!

Nerd Nite 4/29/13 !!!

Calling all design nerds! This month’s nite of nerdery is especially for you. We teamed with the BSLA‘s Emerging Professionals Committee to bring you two design-focused talks. Meet us on Monday night to learn how that beautiful digital fabrication device got to your desktop and discuss the impact and scale of the design process.

Talk 1 – “Impact and Scale” by Lee Moreau

There was a time when the impact of a particular design was directly correlated to the specificity of the brief, the scope of the project, and the size of the intervention? (Kind of quaint, right?) This talk will use some recent projects to begin a conversation about how the impact of design (project, process, ambition) has continued its separation from the scale of design and of the design process.

As an architect, Lee combines a unique capacity for complex systems thinking with a deeply empathic perspective, which he uses to critically engage and re-imagine the contemporary world. Lee has worked on service design projects for a diverse group of clients that blur the boundaries between content and experience. Lee is a principal at Continuum and a founding partner of the architectural research office Project_.

Talk 2 – “Innovation in Digital Fabrication: Creating the 1st Affordable 3D Printer” by Maxim Lobovsky

3D printing has been around for three decades, but has largely remained too expensive and complex for wider adoption. Formlabs, a Cambridge based company focused on innovation in digital fabrication, is disrupting the industry with a high resolution, low-cost desktop 3D printer for professional designers, engineers, and makers. Maxim will give a broader overview on 3D print technology and speak about the work that went into designing an affordable desktop printer.

Maxim, along with his two co-founders (Natan and David), started Formlabs in 2011 after meeting as graduate students at the MIT Media Lab. With strong roots in the Fab@Home and Fab Lab movements, Maxim has led the technical development of the Form 1.

Be there and be square.

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