> 1st (Annual?) Nerd Nite Boston Winter Soul-stice!

1st (Annual?) Nerd Nite Boston Winter Soul-stice!

Join us for a Nerd Nite party like no other! Your curators of cool, masters of merriment, arbiters of awesome, purveyors of puns, and teaching fellows of funk are throwing what promises to be the most festive of festive evenings. We’re trading in the Venn diagrams and PowerPoint presentations for nerdy holiday programming full of cheer.

Nerd Nite Yankee Swap! Make many friends and perhaps a few enemies during our regionally-appropriate gift-giving game. This is going to be great! To participate, RSVP here. (No cover charge for swappers. Limited to a maximum of 20 players. The nerdier the gift the better! For more details, click here.)

Funkin’ A, folks! We couldn’t be happier to host this band of singing nerds. An irreverent 7-part vocal band covering an eclectic mix of pop tunes and deep cuts from the 50s to the present, Funkin’ A! will delight. They will entertain.

Cool Kids Club, kheds! Boston Free Radio‘s own Cool Kids Club keep the partay going and your bootays moving with a mixture of soul jams, Christmas cuts, and sweet surprises.

Wear your festive best! Monday, December 17, 2012 | Middlesex Lounge | 9PM | $5

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