> Nerdnite June 25: History and metal

Nerdnite June 25: History and metal

Join us for the June edition of Nerdnite this Monday, June 25, at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. We’ve got three fascinating talks on the docket — that’s right, an extra speaker! — so we’ll get things started early this time: 7pm. DJ Claude Money will provide the nerd-appropriate tunes.

Special thanks to the Cambridge Historical Society for partnering with us on this event! They’ve coordinated with us to provide two of the speakers, who will talk about their efforts to preserve and document our local history. Our third speaker — a special out of town guest — draws his nerdery from an entirely different realm… his talk will explore the mysterious world of metallurgy. Read on for more details!

Talk 1:
Are We Rolling?: Trial and Error in the Music in Cambridge Oral History Project
by Katrina Morse, Cambridge Historical Society
Katrina is a librarian at the Boston Public Library. Her talk will focus on an oral history project documenting the music scene in Cambridge from folk to punk. In addition to her nerdy interests in archives, oral history, and reading, she likes to do cool things like ride her bike, swim in lakes, and travel to exotic locales. She is currently editing three books to be published by Harvard University Press and is planning her next oral history project.

Talk 2:
Saving the Last Lustron Home in Boston
by Sonja Vitow
Sonja is an intern at the Boston Preservation Alliance and is also currently a third-year MFA student at Emerson College studying fiction. She’ll be talking about the Alliance’s work to preserve recent history, and to rescue an important modern house in Boston.

Talk 3
Heat It & Beat It: From Wootz to Modern Super Metals
by Rick Karnesky
Rick is the co-boss of Nerd Nite East Bay (now in vaporware!) and the host of Spectrum, the science and technology show on KALX Berkeley. He’s a metallurgist for Sandia National Labs in California and spends a majority of his time breathing in coke dust and ripping apart materials atom-by-atom.

Be there and be square
Monday June 25, 7pm
(note earlier time!)
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

2 Responses to “Nerdnite June 25: History and metal”

  • Dimitri Kountourogianni says:

    Your URL and headline say June 26. But the details at the bottom say June 25. You mean Monday June 25, right?

  • boston says:

    Yup — June 25. Thanks for catching the typo!

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