> Nerdnite October 24: Boston History and Viruses

Nerdnite October 24: Boston History and Viruses

The next Nerdnite is set for Monday October 24, 8pm at the Middlesex — note that we’re a week early this month due to Halloween. We have a frighteningly good lineup this month…see below for details. As always, DJ Claude Money will provide the nerd-appropriate tunes.

The talks:
1. A Tourist in My Own City: Uncovering the Weird and Interesting Right in Front of Our Eyes
by Devin Cole

Devin grew up in Boston, taking the train to and from high school. He got a chance to explore the other side of the river during his college days at Harvard, where, unlike many of his classmates, he actually left Harvard Square occasionally. Devin is now Director of Engagement & Programs at Boston World Partnerships, a job that connects him with people in all different parts of town, and in all different industries, that are united by their common desire to strengthen their city and expand its opportunities. These experiences as a life-long Boston-area resident left Devin curious about the lesser-known nooks and crannies of his hometown, and the history they contain — the subject of his talk.

2. Dinosaurs, Zombies, and Shapeshifters: A Paleovirologist’s Guide to Our DNA.
by Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian is a postdoctoral associate at Tufts University. When not complaining about funding or trying to convince graduate students to get out of science while they still can, he studies endogenous retroviruses in human evolution and disease. This almost justifies the amount of time he spends watching videos of lemurs and marmosets.

Be there and be square!
Monday October 24, 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge
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