> Nerdnite July 25 – Totally “Awesome”

Nerdnite July 25 – Totally “Awesome”

The next installment in the Boston Nerdnite saga takes place Monday July 25 at Middlesex Lounge. We’re very excited to be collaborating with the Awesome Foundation for this month’s Nerdnite — our speakers this month have both received grants from the Foundation to fund their nerdery and send it in more awesome directions. The Awesome Foundation is an experiment in micro-philanthropy that began in Boston 2 years ago. Individual gifts of $100 make up monthly $1,000 no-strings-attached fellowships awarded to people forwarding the interest of awesome in the world. Since it’s inception, they’ve funded and encouraged oodles of hair-brained schemes and double-dog dared similarly minded people to do the same by starting chapters in their own cities. The current tally is 20+ chapters worldwide and counting. Big thanks to Kara Brickman from AF for curating this month’s lineup, and helping to get this collaboration going.

We’ll start at 8pm as usual.  DJ Claude Money will provide the nerd appropriate tunes.

On to the talks:

1. Cyborgs R Us: How to Resist World Domination!
by Sara Hendren

Sara likes to think about cyborgs and robots as much as the next nerd. She’s an artist, and she’s interested in things like superhuman prosthetic limbs, hearing aid jewelry, drone soldiers, furniture that gives hugs — and what technology and design can show us about global disability rights. In September, she’ll be starting the program in Art, Design, and the Public Domain at Harvard. Check out her website here.

2. The “ME2!!!X”
by Charles Guan
Mastermind behind the assortment of megavehiclomechanical creations, Charles Guan will be speaking about his Awesome Foundation Fellowship garnering proposal to build a single-wheel holonomic balancing vehicle based on reverse engineering the patent from a yet to be released vehicle model that rhymes with “Fonda”. Charles is a prolific hacker, tinkerer, designer and maker of combat robotics. He calls himself a “hobbyist” but we have a sneaking suspicion he may “accidentally” build our robot overlords. Have a look at some videos of his creations.

Be there and be square!
Monday July 25, 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge
Facebook: Search “Nerdnite Boston”

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