> Nerdnite: The Trivia Night

Nerdnite: The Trivia Night

Dear friends of Nerdnite,
Nerdnite is branching out — we’ve got two new events coming up in the next few weeks that we’ve never tried before, and we hope you’ll join us for both.  We are super-excited about our first ever Nerdnite Nerdtacular, which will take place Friday May 6 at the MIT Museum as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.  More details about that event are coming soon.

Because we’re gearing up for the Nerdtacular pretty soon, we thought we’d try something new with our usual last-monday-of-the-month time slot at the Middlesex.  Hence, we present to you “Nerdnite: The Trivia Night.”  You’ve been to trivia nights before, but you’ve never seen the Nerdnite take on it.  Yes, that does imply the use of Power Point.  So gather some friends, form a team (or find one when you arrive), and get ready to be challenged, entertained, and maybe even learn something.  Oh, and there will be prizes.

Please note: teams will be limited to 6 people max.  But if you come with more than that we expect that there will be a fair amount of new team formation as nerds mingle.

As always, DJ Claude Money will provide the nerd-appropriate tunes.

Thanks also to our co-sponsors for this event, Young Professionals in Energy. YPE is a non-profit energy industry networking organization with over 20,000 members worldwide. YPE is dedicated to providing a forum for networking and career development for professionals in the global energy industry. The desired outcome of YPE is to foster an environment where members can learn from each other’s experiences, share industry knowledge and discuss career matters. For information on upcoming events and leadership opportunities, please visit www.ypenergy.org and click

Be there and be square
Monday April 25, 2011. 8pm.
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

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