> Nerdnite November 29: Post-Thanksgiving Nerdery

Nerdnite November 29: Post-Thanksgiving Nerdery

Hello all,

The last Monday of November approaches, which means it’s time for another exciting Nerdnite.  We hope you’ll hustle back from your Thanksgiving break to check out our last Nerdnite of 2010.  Yes you heard that right — since the last Monday of December lies between Xmas and New Year’s, we’re going to assume people have other things to occupy their time that day.  However, we’ll be back rested and tanned (or whatever the nerd equivalent of “tanned” is…) in 2011.

Before we get to this month’s lineup, a couple of things to check out.

First, Channel 5’s “Chronicle” did a piece about us, which you can watch online here.

And second, don’t forget to check out Punkin Chunkin (the pumpkin-launching contest I mentioned at the last Nerdnite) on Thanksgiving evening, 8pm on the Science Channel.

Now — on to the November speakers, who will be joined as always by DJ Claude Money spinning nerd-appropriate tunes:

Talk 1: “City Hauls: Foraging for wild plants and other foodstuffs within the city limits”
by David Craft

David Craft is an avid urban forager in the Cambridge/Boston/Somerville area. His recently published book, Urban Foraging, covers 40 plants and mushrooms that grow abundantly around here, are perfectly edible and tasty, and are passed over by nearly everyone.  This talk will be a romp through some of these eating possibilities along with plenty of historical and cultural diversions and wild food samplings.

Talk 2: “Fun with joints”*
by Vaughn Tan
*(or, “what you probably want to know about how wood gets connected to more wood and other things.”)

Vaughn Tan is almost totally unqualified to talk about how to make furniture, but he’s going to do it anyway. He discovered furniture and joinery while pushing paper at a large Silicon Valley corporation. The lure of the bandsaw and chisel eventually proved irresistible and he left job security and healthcare to work as a menial in the woodshop at the Anderson Ranch Art Center. He now lives in Cambridge, where he is a special advisor to the International Herring Marketing Board, advising them on brine, specifically its concentration and effect on the texture of crispbreads.

Be there and be square!
Monday November 29, 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA

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