> Nerdnite September 27

Nerdnite September 27

Hello friends of Nerdnite,
Our next event will take place Monday September 27, 7pm (yes, that is
earlier than usual) at the Middlesex lounge in Central Square. We’re
getting an early start because our lineup is even more action packed
than usual, with three fantastic speakers bringing the full-on
nerdery. The talks:

1. Computational Couture: Clothing for the Techy Fashionista
By Ada Brunstein
(approx start time: 7:40)
Ada is a senior editor at MIT Press and freelance writer. She recently
wrote about fashion and technology for the Atlantic Monthly.

2. Pigeons: The surprising story of the birds you love to hate
By Courtney Humphries
(approx 8:30)
Courtney is a freelance science writer and author of Superdove: How
the Pigeon Took Manhattan….And the World by Smithsonian Books, which
chronicles how pigeons came from seacoasts to city streets. Although
Courtney writes about a wide range of health and science topics for
the Boston Globe, Technology Review, Harvard Magazine, and other
publications, she will probably always be known as “pigeon girl.”

3. Tricks of the Trade: Using Your Stuff Better
by Tim Lillis
(approx 9:20)
Tim is a San Francisco-based illustrator, designer, and end-user. He
is the creator of the “Tricks of the Trade” comic strip/column in Make
Magazine, where he shows readers how to use their stuff better. A
pioneer in the field of Object Use Optimization, he argues that the
design process does not cease when a product is released, but
continues throughout the life of the product, as the user becomes
acquainted with the object. Audience members are invited to share
their own tricks.

As usual, DJ Claude Money will spin the nerd-appropriate tunes.

Be there and be square!
Monday September 27
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
Nerdnite Boston elsewhere on the web:

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