> Nerdnite July 26: Illusions and video games

Nerdnite July 26: Illusions and video games

Dear nerds of Boston (and their friends),
For many of you, summer is probably a welcome break from your academic nerdy pursuits.  But if you’re hankering for a brief dose of summertime nerdery, we’ve got you covered.  The next Nerdnite will be Monday July 26, at the Middlesex Lounge, starting at 8pm (full details below).  As usual, we’ve got two fantastic talks lined up, interspersed with nerd-appropriate tunes by DJ Claude Money.

Talk 1:  “Joystick Soldiers: Fifty Years of Videogames and War”
By Nina Huntemann
Nina first starting playing videogames in 1978 on a Sears clone of the Atari 2600 and, when her father wasn’t looking, on the TI-99/4A he bought at Toys R Us in 1981. She has managed to turn her love of gaming into a career at Suffolk University, where she was granted tenure last year for, among other things, publishing a book about videogames and the military.

Talk 2: “Crazy Vision: The Science Behind Popular Optical Illusions”
By Brandon Moore
Brandon is a graduate from MIT where he studied brain and cognitive sciences.  When not studying how the brain does vision he enjoys reading, playing video games, and coming up with bad ideas.

Be there and be square!
Monday July 26, 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave (Central Square)
Cambridge, MA

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