> Nerdnite SUNDAY June 27: Oral histories; historical cities

Nerdnite SUNDAY June 27: Oral histories; historical cities

Hello nerds of summer,

The next Nerdnite will be a special SUNDAY edition, June 27 (8pm) at Middlesex Lounge. There’s no better way to finish off your weekend than with a little bit o’ nerdery…so we hope you’ll join us next Sunday for some edutainment and beer. As always, DJ Claude Money will provide nerd-appropriate tunes.  The lineup:

Talk 1:
“That’s What She Said: Creating and Using Personal Narratives”
by Jessica Bitely
History is made by the winners, but sometimes the losers have a lot to say. This talk will explain how the making and use of oral histories can expand our understanding of the past. Jessica is a once and future librarian with a passion for other people’s stories. With family from West Virginia, friends in Florida, and her heart in Texas, she has learned to love tall tales and exaggerations, and she is always willing to speculate on things she knows nothing about. (But she totally knows about conducting oral histories.)

Talk 2: “Welcome to St. Augustine”
by Mary Lewey
Using 5 cameras (film and digital) to explore the history and culture of our nation’s oldest city, this presentation is a documentation of time and place, of old meeting new. Mary is a writer, photographer and bon vivant currently living in Jamaica Plain with her cat, Graham Greene. Oh, and she almost forgot to mention: she is co-organizer of Nerdnite Boston.

Be there and be square
Sunday June 27 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

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