> Nerdnite May 31: beer n’ hackin’

Nerdnite May 31: beer n’ hackin’

Hello Boston nerds and friends of nerds,

Wrap up your Memorial Day grilling early and come out to the Middlesex for a nerdy kick-off to summer.  The Nerdnite barbecue is cookin’ up a ton of nerd-o-licious info about beer brewing and internet chicanery.  We hope you’ll join us at 8pm on Monday May 31.  As always, musical entertainment will be courtesy of DJ Claude Money.

The talks:
1. Preparing for the next prohibition: a primer on brewing your own beer.
by Desika Narayanan

Desika likes snowboarding, playing basketball, brewing beer and doing astronomy. Unfortunately (for him), he sucks at the first three enough that he only gets paid to do the latter. Fortunately (for you), he practices the penultimate enough that he’s able to give this talk. He’ll tell you exactly how to put sugar, yeast and water in a bucket and turn it into the sweet, sweet, delicious alcohol that your brain loves so much. And the best part is that what comes out tastes like a million times better than bud light. (Disclaimer: This is coming from an Indian [dot not feather] bred in the south on natty light.)

2. Attack of the Packets!: A brief history of Internet Denial of Service attacks.
by Karthik Arumugham
Karthik has been active in the Internet network engineering community for the past 11 years, both in operations as well as research and development. He currently works as a consultant in the fields of IP networking and security, Unix systems engineering, and software development. Karthik strongly agrees with the notion of hosting geeky talks in the presence of good beer!

Be there and be square
Monday May 31 8pm
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

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