> Nerdnite March 29: In the long run we are all dead

Nerdnite March 29: In the long run we are all dead

Hello Boston Nerds and Nerd-adjacent individuals,
The next Nerdnite is coming up next Monday, March 29 at the Middlesex. We’ll get things started at 8pm. As usual we’ll feature two nerdy speakers and nerd-appropriate tunes from DJ Claude Money.

The Talks:

Phoebe Cohen — “Mass Extinction Will Get You Every Time: A Brief History of Life’s Worst Moments”
Phoebe¬† is finishing up her PhD in paleontology at Harvard University. Really, she should be writing her thesis instead of giving a Nerd Nite talk, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity. While her research is on the early evolution of life (think – fossilized amoeba) she’s generally fascinated with the perpetual destruction and renewal of life on Earth. After defending, Phoebe will be moving on down Mass Ave to do education and public outreach for a NASA Astrobiology grant program at MIT.

Rebekah Rogers — “Adaptive impacts of a chimeric gene in Drosophila melanogaster.”
Rebekah’s talk will feature bio/genetic nerdiness from a molecular evolutionary biologist.

Be There and Be Square
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA
Monday March 29, 8pm

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