> Nerdnite January 25: A nerd-curdling thrill ride

Nerdnite January 25: A nerd-curdling thrill ride

Hello nerds and friends of nerds,
The next Nerdnite hits Monday January 25, 8pm at the Middlesex Lounge (address below).  We’ll have two speakers, and of course  nerd-appropriate tunes by DJ Claude Money, which can be heard before, between, and after the talks.

Talk 1 by Aaron Foster
“Nerds & Whey: Or, how the controlled spoilage of milk begets the world’s tastiest cheeses.”

Aaron Foster knows a lot about cheese, and has the paunch to prove it. At St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD, Aaron studied philosophy and literature, all the while working as a cheesemonger at the local shop. Shortly after graduating in 2003, he moved to Piedmont in Italy to study gastronomy at Slow Food’s Università di Scienze Gastronomiche. Back in the US, he has been a cheese buyer at NYC’s Artisanal Premium Cheese, he has helped develop a cheese cave and beer room for Whole Foods’ lower east side store, and now has turned his attention to chocolate at Somerville’s Taza Chocolate. During his off hours, he can be found making lacto-fermented pickles, brewing beer, curing meat, and pondering cheese.

Talk 2 by Iolanthe Chronis
“Everything You Can Do I Can Have Measured: Studying Face to Face
Social Networks Using Cellphones”

Lanthe just finished her Masters at the MIT Media Lab, where she
worked to understand influence patterns in face-to-face social
networks.  Before that, she was an MIT undergraduate in EECS and
Physics, enjoying activities ranging from museum curation to square dancing.  Now, she’s about to voyage to Silicon Valley to lead Startup House, an intern entertainment and job-hunting startup.

Be there and be square!
Monday January 25
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

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