> Nerdnite May 15: Blood and termites

Nerdnite May 15: Blood and termites

The next Nerdnite approaches — Friday May 15 at the Midway Cafe.
Herein you will find the lineup. You can find the Midway at 3496
Washington Street in Jamaica Plain.  We’ll get things started at

Talk 1:  Termites: Beyond Home Wreckers
by Kelley Schultheis
Perhaps you’ve had nightmares about termites destroying your home or
devouring you in your sleep.  Well, perhaps that is because you know
nothing of these minute-wood-crunchers.  Put your fears aside as you
learn of the fascinating adaptations of these friendly social

Kelley is a world-renowned expert on giving Nerdnite talks on odd
animals.  This will be her second appearance on our stage.

Talk 2: The Aesthetics of Blood
by Mat Laibowitz
Making extensive use of scenes of a graphic nature and a complete
disregard for good taste, Mat will give us an in-depth discussion of
the creation and use of fake blood throughout the world of cinema.
Get ready for an extremely nerdy cataloguing of the various formulas
for blood effects, and the blood aesthetics they create.

Mat is an overeducated aspiring filmmaker. His dreamy path to
realizing his visions in 24 frames per second of glowing light has
brought him through Columbia University, through a graduate degree in
digital (yuck!) special effects from NYU, and, his crowning
achievement, being accepted into the Joe Blasco College of Make-Up.
Due to forces beyond his control he never attended this prestigious
institution, and instead enrolled in the lesser-known MIT Media Lab
where, to this day, he researches filmmaking technology of a different

It’s a great lineup, so come on out this Friday.

Be there and be square!
Friday May 15, 8pm
Midway Cafe
3496 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
(617) 524-9038

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