> Nerdnite enters the 21st century

Nerdnite enters the 21st century

Hey Nerdnite fans,

Exciting news on the technology front — we’ve got a fabulous newly
redesigned website. Check it out at boston.nerdnite.com. Yes, the
nerds who run Nerdnite finally figured out how to make a reasonably
useful website. It’s about friggin’ time.

The biggest change is that we now have a blog — click the “updates”
link on boston.nerdnite.com. Come on over and sign up for our RSS
feed! Or just go here: http://boston.nerdnite.com/feed/

Don’t worry if you’re not into RSS — we’ll still post all info here
about upcoming events. But there will be lots more content on the
blog — since I don’t have to worry about filling up everyone’s inbox,
I’ll probably post there way more often.

I hope everyone will come check out the blog. We are planning some
big stuff for Nerdnite, and we want your input on that. So we hope
the comments section of the blog will have some good back and forth —
providing a forum for you to let us know all the good ideas you’ve got
about what you’d like to see. Plus, you can lavish us with richly-
deserved ridicule for joining the blog revolution 7 years behind the

While you’re checking out the Boston site, take a minute to poke
around and see the rest of nerdnite.com — there’s lots of new stuff
and more is coming.


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